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Bustled Bias-cut Slip Dress

Bustled bias cut slip dress with detachable bustled train.

This sexy little dress made from beautiful vintage nylon, hand shredded lace and silk charmeuse. It was designed to go from wedding to reception by removing the additional layered and bustled detachable train made from vintage nylon sheers and silk charmeuse.

Footnote: The beautiful young bride that bought the original slip dress came in to the studio to have it fitted, and looked amazing in it. To add another layer of formality and presence, I suggested we add the bustled layer for the ceremony portion of the wedding, to be removed for the reception. Looked gorgeous on her. (Don’t know if that came off with the garter or not…)

Price upon request.

Cinderella’s Revenge

Champagne satin and gauze fitted and boned bodice under vintage beadwork.

The skirt is made from layer upon layer of hand shredded champagne satin, tulle, and gauze. Lovely cascading tatty layers of texture and shine.

Moral of this story: Cinderella never really did change out of her rags. She and her dress were just recognized for the finery they were by a man of impeccable taste. As always, everyone else just followed suit.

Price upon request.

Ostrich-Trimmed Ballerina

Blush pink and champagne hand-dyed ballerina.

Reapplied layers of vintage hand dyed French lace silk charmeuse and pearls, trimmed with hand dyed and curled ostrich feathers on front shoulder and back bustle. Hand stitched with rayon floss. Longer cascading layered tulle bustle in back.

Price upon request.

Hand-Patinaed & Dyed Beaded Ballgown

Fitted and boned bodice, encrusted with patinaed and tinted lace and beadwork, reapplied satin, and hand shredded ribboning. Back silver chain lacing with jewelry closures. Cascading hand dyed tulle layered and gathered skirt with satin edging.

Price upon request.